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John Laurito


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John Laurito

Advisor to corporate leaders and a sought after public speaker, John Laurito guides business leaders towards their future visions. He helps his clients invest in their own leadership potential to develop a better future for their organization. For over two decades John has ran organizations and guided four organizations through major change and transformation.

John uses a tactical approach to showing leaders how anyone can apply their leadership skills to get results through identifying high-performing talent both internally and externally.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was to take an established advisor (John) and create both a brand and web presence that fit his unique approach to consulting. The goal was to find a balance between approachability and credibility; something that would attract and invite in corporate leaders that are looking to push their organizations further.

The Design


Following the brief of finding a balance between approachability and credibility, I set out to find an icon for John that was both representative of him (in this case his intials) but also presented an image of bold confidence without feeling too corporate.

John Laurito - Logo v1.1
John Laurito - Logo v1.2

Refining the Concept

Unfortunately, none of the initial design concepts hit the mark. I went back to square one with John and we further discussed what set him apart from other consultants and in the process I got to know him as a person. It was from those conversations that I was able to come to a design that would lead to his final brandmark.

John Laurito - Logo v2.1

Designing the Website

The initial concept for the site, and specifically its homepage put the primary focus on the sales funnel. The steps being; introducing John, setting up the "problem", the solution, and a call to action. From there, the task was to expand upon the available services offered, another quick call to action, and a space to promote his upcoming book.

Utilizing the design elements explored in the branding stage, I was able to quickly build out a clean and functional design that immediately resonated with the client.

Once that overall look was established, the same design treatment was applied to the rest of the site.

John Laurito - Home 1
John Laurito - Home 2
John Laurito - About
John Laurito - Home 2
John Laurito - Home 1
John Laurito - Home 2

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop